About Greenbar

The Company

Green Bar is a small company based in Bahrain reflecting a modern take on the region’s age-old Middle Eastern beauty rituals. We specialise in beauty oils because we believe in anointing your body like it’s a sacred temple. Our range is a carefully selected variety of exotic botanical oils that are creatively reinterpreted to suit today's world - with a hint of Babylonian nostalgia! The underlying theme of our products is a natural extravagance, so we simply take the most beautiful and natural ingredients and celebrate them.

Behind the Brand

Green Bar was founded in 2006 by Reem al Khalifa. Reem created the brand and blends exclusively to reflect her impression of a modern representation of the Middle East. Reems background is in art history and graphic design, but her love for plants led her to be a certified natural perfumer using only natural scents. Her interest in the connection between the mind, body and soul, eastern chakra knowledge, and over 10 years of practicing yoga, brings Green Bar users and devotees a well being experience, and an opportunity to experience her personal dream of the Middle East.

A Middle East Adventure

Reem personally sources the best in luxury botanical oils for Green Bar. In fact, there’s an array of beautifully adventurous stories behind every Green Bar ingredient. She maintains a personal fascination with the origin of her ingredients, and works tirelessly to source them directly from the historical areas in which they grow, directly from the specialized natives who live and breathe growing them, to enable Green Bar users to embrace and relate to the product.

Rich in history, precious oils have stood the test of time across a number of ancient cultures from around the world, from Morocco’s argan and Sudan’s sesame, to India’s coconut. Green Bar’s oils have taken a step back into history, creatively revamping, rebottling, and minimally refining what is the natural simplicity of traditional beauty.

Naturally Extravagant

Green Bar aims to please the old soul in you. Green Bar’s natural extravagance will bring a peace and tranquility faster than your thinking mind. In a world so filled with synthetic consumption, Green Bar’s simple and real recipes will satisfy your mind, body and soul. Indeed, nothing short of dazzling – supernaturally.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the friends and family who are passionate about seeing Green bar work everyday, so many have contributed their time and effort to witness Green bar’s success. We appreciate you!

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