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Chinese herb concoction medicine revamped in California by Moon Juice


We like to incorporate healing rituals into our office tea ceremony in fun and innovative ways. Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon created this fun “potion” and educates us about its magic “This ancient empiric formula expands beauty through calming the nerves, increasing collagen and silica production, toning and firming tissue, and both hydrating and fortifying skin, hair, nails and cell membranes from the inside out.”


Instructions: Add one teaspoon to 8oz of any hot or cold liquid. Delicious with nut milk water or tea. Makes approximately 25 servings depending on taste and desired level of potency. (I personally like a teaspoon of it with blended with frozen berries, a teaspoon of coconut cream, and 3/4rths cup water).


Wild Crafted Ingredients: Goji, Rehmannia, Pearl, Schisandra, Stevia


For more infromation on these fancy ingredients, read below:

Beauty Dust is really powerful it might look fun in its packaging but this is really potent with the ability to even harmonize your system if you are having issues with infertility.


The herbs chosen are really good for women’s health


Rehmannia is a Chinese medicine used for thousands and thousands of years for weak kidneys, sexual debility, and hair loss (always linked to weak kidneys) It’s a tonic which means it helps organs work more efficiently and it’s a rejuvenative meaning its anti-aging. Somehow harmonizing the kidneys always brings so much beauty.


Shizandra herb is a tart herb I personally really like how this herb empowers me, and detoxifies me, in Taoist Chinese medicine this herb is believed to harmonize between many meridians bringing synchronicity to your system and making everything “work” as it should. It is also an exceptional memory herb working wonderfully on mental alertness – brains and beauty always go a long way right?


Goji is a strong anti-oxidant


Pearl ok I don’t want to talk about Cleopatra its been too long, but -She took it! Pearl divers in Bahrain protected their eyes with it, and the people who strung the pearls had lots of dust and ingested a tiny bit of it for rejuvenation. In Chinese it’s a “shen” tonic meaning a tonic to help bring a peaceful smile to your face, calm the nerves and bring compassion. In other words their “chill pill” ….