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Natural nutritional source of Omega 3,6,9 Anti-inflammatory


Fig oil is extremely rich in inflammation-lowering and cortisol lowering omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are involved in brain biochemistry, physiology and general metabolic functioning and are important for helping the part of our brain that responds to excess cortisol “stress”. Fig’s tiny seeds are packed with nutrients, that help draw out and dissolve waste and parasites in the intestines. Dried figs from which this oil is obtained from is very alkaline and mineral rich. It can help with reducing skin pigmentation, elimination of rosacea, skin rashes, and dry irritated scalp - all signs of inflammation and lack of fatty acid nutrients.

How to use: Take a teaspoon daily as a supplement, or add to salad with olive oil. To add to drinks it needs to be mixed in the blender to incorporate it into the drink to avoid oil droplets forming on top.

Ingredients: 100% pure dietary fig oil(Ficus carica)

Packaged by Green Bar, product of Turkey. Lab tested for purity.