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Chocolate Thins

An immune boosting snack is a good idea for Ramadan. There are endless ways to create this recipe because there are endless variations for the toppings.

Take a look at this example and then get creative:


2 raw cacao butter cubes from your bag

1 and a 1/2 table spoons chocolate & Tahitian vanilla powder

½ teaspoon wild flower honey

pinch of salt

sprinkle of bee pollen

(Optional table spoon of hazelnut or almond butter if you want a creamy taste)


Melt cacao butter in a small pot holding the pot away from the fire just hover it over the stove, once you see it melted add the chocolate powder, and honey and mix quick, if you are adding a nut butter add now, spread quick on a baking sheet and sprinkle B complex rich bee pollen on top.

Cool down in freezer so that you it can solidify in a few minutes so you can have it soon.


Break into small pieces and enjoy, you can drink Matcha with it in the coconut shell : )

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