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Arabic Coffee

Our 3 signature Lip balms Cardamom, Saffron and Clove were all inspired by the aromatic Arabic coffee. The taste is something that lingers with you and we tried to recreate that with our natural cacao butter lip balms.

Step 1: ceremonial coffee beans

Roast the Arabic coffee beans in the oven at about 180C until they become a light golden colour. Once the beans have cooled, grind them into a medium or fine textured grind.


Step 2: Flavorings

The traditional way to have Arabic coffee is with Cardamom, not only does it add a great flavor but it also helps reduce the effects of caffeine on the body. Saffron, which is an anti-oxidant, is also added to the coffee to give it a rich colour and flavor, its an antidepressant and cooling to the body. The final touch is rosewater which is also has a cooling effect expelling heat from the body. Some people add clove, its very cleansing to the palette, and helps keep the intestines clean.

Step 3: Mixing

Measure out the water, ground coffee and cardamom  —  use one tablespoon of coffee and one teaspoon of cardamom for every 250 to 300 millilitres of water.


Step 4: Boiling

Pour the water in a small saucepan or in a tall and narrow, long-handled coffee pot typically used for boiling Turkish coffee, or some similar cooking vessel. Bring the water to the boil, add the coffee and lower the heat. Let the mixture simmer slowly for about 10 to 12 minutes. Add the cardamom and simmer for about two minutes.


Step 5: Serving

Take the pan off the stove and let stand, without stirring, for a minute or two for the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom. Immediately serve the coffee in small Arab coffee cups or carefully pour it (through a fine sieve) in a thermos flask to keep it hot. If you like, add a small pinch of saffron and a tiny dash of rose water in the flask before pouring in the coffee. Let steep for a few minutes and serve.


You should expect it to have a deep caramel color, and be very cleansing to the palette, enjoy it with a date.

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