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At The Orangery with The Overdressed

We discussed beauty on a lovely warm Thursday afternoon with my sister Dana Al Khalifa founder of the popular fashion blog The Overdressed, we taped the discussion for you to be a part of it too! Email us your thoughts on beauty!

Photo taken on 11 June 2015 at Bahrain's the sunlit  Orangery 

Q: In your opinion what’s the connection between Fashion & Beauty


We are in a period where fashion is simpler and that is reflected within the beauty industry all of the products in the beauty industry are going back to their elemental form. Not only is it fashionable to dress more simply and comfortably that has gone on to be translated into the beauty world that your beauty routine can be comfortable and simple.


Q: Describe beauty in one word




Q: Even the overdressed thinks that?!!


Yes! Anything timeless is a luxury!


Q: How do you see that reflected in fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan & Paris?


Although there are street style images of people wearing very extravagant clothes during fashion weeks, you go back and you look at their beauty and their hair and make-up is very simple, no one has it done extravagantly, but their clothes might be very expressive and loud.


Q: What do you look for in Beauty, do you look for a certain thing to be inspired by?


I like a very clean look, I like a very regal look. In terms of beauty, nothing too out there would catch my attention because it’s not elegant when it’s too expressive. I look for elegance, I look for effortlessness and again the regal look translates to me as well carried, well spoken and confident. The demeanor is important.


Q: Do you ever look at the color of their makeup?


No I only look at the color of their makeup if it doesn’t match their skin tone!


Q: Do you ever look at their skin close up?


Yes I’ve seen people up close and they just have too much powder foundation, I prefer a creamy foundation that will give you that steamy tan “I was just in bali” glow.



Lipstick or Lip Gloss: Lipstick always

Curly or Blowdried: Blowdried

Dress or Pants: Dress

Manicure- Round or Square nails: Square

Heels or Flats: Flats

Hair up or down: Can’t decide

Rose or Hibiscus: Hibiscus

Tea or Coffee: Green Tea

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