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Interview with Feng Shui Consultant Janet Chua

I reached out to Janet Chua, because I wanted to share with all of you how crystals can be used for well being, they are part of the mineral world, very natural even “super natural”, I personally use them in place of a flower arrangement. Think of them as gentle magnets, they can be used to channel energies to bring more order and harmony where needed.

DISCLAIMER! You, your wishes and your prayers are in control of your own destiny I really don’t want to encourage any kind of paranoia, placing a crystal for me above all is for pleasure, gives me the same pleasure as smelling a freshly baked bread or wrapping myself in a soft cashmere scarf. It’s all about the senses and appreciating life force for me.

R: How are crystals used In Feng Shui? You consult with placement - How are crystals a tool to you?

J: Crystals are 1 of the 5 Chinese elements (crystals are earth, Chinese have metal, wood, water, and fire). Crystals are earth elements and you can use crystals to enhance it. Crystal energy is used to ground energy in the environment and transmute negative energy, the placement is all about the shape of the crystal and it’s purpose.

R: I’ve always been interested in a crystal ball. I still remember the cartoons I watched as a child, I was always fascinated with the psychic gypsy woman who had the crystal ball. Can crystals balls/spheres be used for psychic powers? How would you realistically use them?

J: If you had psychic power then yes. The round shape is said to help assess the past and the future. The course you are on will hopefully become clear, it depends what type of crystal you have and if it resonates with you.

R: What if I am not good at tuning in to it, in Feng Shui how would you place the crystal ball/sphere?

J: Mostly in feng shui we use crystal balls to harmonize the environment, depending on which one is used. We generally suggest to place the crystal ball in the center of the house or office, it’s spherical shape helps provide harmony.

R: What if you had a crystal ball in another material, like this phantom crystal?

J: Phantom crystal, green phantom is used to promote good business luck. It symbolizes smooth sailing business deals, this is how we use this specific one.

R: How would you use it for your career?

J: Generally we would put it in the wealth spot of the year, this enhances the luck. It enhances short term money luck for you. For people in business the Green Phantom crystal will help you to attract more business. This year’s wealth spot is in the North Sector. 

R: So how does a crystal bring money according to the Chinese Culture?

J: By wearing a wealth enhancing crystal like Citrine your aura will become yellow, you feel happier and positive, the energy from the yellow colour will help you to attract money luck. In Feng Shui, Yellow is the color for windfall luck (un-earn income), and  Green is the color for direct wealth (earned income/salary)  It is the same when using crystal in your office and home. Crystal radiates energy. 

R: So what’s the difference between a sphere and this beautiful crystal and amethyst clusters that we have here?

In Feng Shui we use round crystals to harmonize energy and clusters to cleanse and recharge. Clusters can recharge jewellery that have absorbed negative energy and lost their lustre so you can actually place the jewellery on the cluster to “re-set” it.

R: I love this crystal geode, it looks so attractive. Where would I place this?

J: Geode is best placed behind you at work, because of its shape it looks like a mountain. The symbolism is strong and means support. If you have a glass window behind you means lack of support in Feng Shui. In every space there is a relationship spot. With Feng Shui consultation we can help you to identify the relationship sector and placing a Geode in this particular spot helps in family unity and harmony, also good health for the family.

R: If people wanted to have a feng shui consultation and needed advice on crystals and where to find them how would they go about that?

J: For Feng Shui Consultations you can contact 8 Mansions located on the first floor of Country Mall on Budaiya road. We help you  locate the spots so you can harness the powers of the crystals in that strategic placement.




Green Bar will be offering a selection of crystals on the website starting June 1st! I cant wait to share my picks with you!

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