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Healthy Gums, Healthy Life

"Healthy gums provide a natural barrier against more than four hundred microorganism species trying to enter the circulatory system through the mouth." "The skin in the mouth is designed to keep toxins bacteria and infection from entering the body." Nadine Artemis author of Holistic Dental Care.


Assist your body to keep oral hygiene in top condition when traveling or feeling low by this simple habit:

Salt mouth rinse (or soar throat gargle) :

1 teaspoon Hawaiian salt {or celtic salt or any pure salt you can get}

2 drops oregano oil

1 cup drinking water

1 cup empty jar with lid


Place 1 teaspoon salt in a jar with ¼ cup hot water to dissolve the salt, fill the rest with cold water to fill one cup and add the essential oils, cover and vigorously shake to break up the oregano oil drops. Keep it in your bathroom or travel with a smaller jar in airports.


Key benefits from ingredients:

  • Hawaiian sea salt is combined with mineral rich red clay deposits which assists the salt with detoxing.
  • Oregano oil is nature’s antibiotic, it has a broad range of anti-microbial activities, effective against fungi, viruses, and bacteria,
  • improves the health of the gums because it destroys plaque causing bacteria


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