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The Anti-stress Jam

I have been obsessed with figs lately, I've let that obsession just take its course because I believe fixation leads to the best exploration!

You will find below all my research on figs, and the resulting creativity hence the Jam recipe! I like food to work for me in certain ways, I like my food to guide my brain kind of. For example if I want to relax I want to eat food that will really help me unwind, if I want to get energized I will eat food that will create that etc.

Currently I have been really interested in suppressing the cortisol hormone that gets elevated due to stress, and this jam does exactly that! 

Let me advertise the amazing virtues of figs:

They lower cortisol: Fig seeds are extremely rich in omega 3,6, and 9. These fats are involved in brain chemistry, and general metabolic functioning and are important in helping the part of the brain that responds to excess cortisol AKA "Stress"

Detoxifying: Fig seeds are packed with nutrients that help draw out and dissolve waste and parasites in the intestines.

Alkalizing: Since acidity is linked to degeneration it might make sense to take the body to the opposite PH side!

Mineralizing: Fig is full of minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium just to list a few, which really support the body, but unfortunately minerals are the first to get depleted when our emotions are on a rollercoaster. They need to be replenished often.


So here's your Fig Jam recipe:

Soaking part

Rinse 9 figs

Soak the 9 figs in water, pour enough water to just about cover the figs

Rinse 3 large dates (I like to use Bateel's wanaan variety) the dates help give the jam a caramely flavor

Soak the 3 dates in the same water as the figs

Leave for 3 hours or overnight covered because you will be using the water in the blender.



Put all the ingredients in the blender with vanilla powder or extract or full bean whatever you have

Add a pinch of sea salt

Blend until smooth, add more water if the blender wont blend. Use within a week, in our house this doenst last long because I add it to sweeten our almond flour cakes, or as a spread, but my favorite is when I use it as a stuffing in my fig bar, I use an almond flour pastry to surround the fig jam.

For breakfast you can use this with grass fed butter or organic ghee, on either Ella's superfood bread or Hemsley and Hemsley's multiseed loaf bread


Hope you enjoy this!


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