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Bukhoor is an evening ritual that my mother always performed at sunset with prayers. She is not a superstitious woman, she is very straightforward and practical, but this ritual is so integrated with how she grew up that the scent of the burning herbs has become a cozy scent of family and security, It is also special to me now knowing that my mothers intention is to protect us when she is going around the house with prayers and incense.

I have been conditioned to love this scent, and it is especially powerful to me at sunset, when the sky turns a wonderful deep color, and the landscape becomes magical for a few moments. (This is actually the time one is meant to burn it, if we stick to traditions)

Bukhoor the Arabic word for burning of incense is such a vague word because it can be applied to burning Oud wood, or other fragrant things. So because of this vagueness, I’ve always been inspired to record the ingredients of the Clearing incense so that the recipe doesn’t get lost in the vague title!


Green Bar’s blend is made up of Crabs Eye (in the apothecary its called Devils Eye), Alum, superior Frankincense, Harmal seeds, Black seeds and our mix contains Lavender, and Myrrh.


Green Bar has taken the Turkish talisman symbol, so that the intention is there when one is clearing- the Apothecary Bahraini blend does not use any imagery with the incense, but the red dots symbolizes repelling any jealous eyes.

Directions for use:

Light some charcoal and then sprinkle a pinch of incense onto it. Let the smoke it produces surround you and walk with it through your bedroom and wardrobe. The smoke will last for a few minutes, but will clear the air of any unwanted odours.


While the smoke may safely be inhaled, the seeds themselves are not for human consumption

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