2016-06-09 22:53:34

Chocolate Thins

An immune boosting snack is a good idea for Ramadan. There are endless ways to create this recipe because there are endless variations for the toppings.


2015-11-19 16:31:46

Environmental Highlight

I think everyone who visits our site knows that I work with natural ingredients closely, and obviously natural ingredients need a clean environment! So our concern for the environment is always very strong.


The other day I overheard someone dear to me talking about Tamera Al Husseini and her work with the protection of tidal Mangroves, I was so relieved someone has dedicating so much love and time to the health of our sea, and was desperate to interview her and feature her, because we need to bring awareness to this very important subject! Clearly we are all experiencing global warming- right? Its November and no sign of winter chill or rain!


2015-09-22 16:58:20

The Anti-stress Jam

I have been obsessed with figs lately, I've let that obsession just take its course because I believe fixation leads to the best exploration!

You will find below all my research on figs, and the resulting creativity hence the Jam recipe! I like food to work for me in certain ways, I like my food to guide my brain kind of. For example if I want to relax I want to eat food that will really help me unwind, if I want to get energized I will eat food that will create that etc.

Currently I have been really interested in suppressing the cortisol hormone that gets elevated due to stress, and this jam does exactly that! 


We discussed beauty on a lovely warm Thursday afternoon with my sister Dana Al Khalifa founder of the popular fashion blog The Overdressed, we taped the discussion for you to be a part of it too! Email us your thoughts on beauty!

Photo taken on 11 June 2015 at Bahrain's the sunlit  Orangery 


I reached out to Janet Chua, because I wanted to share with all of you how crystals can be used for well being, they are part of the mineral world, very natural even “super natural”, I personally use them in place of a flower arrangement. Think of them as gentle magnets, they can be used to channel energies to bring more order and harmony where needed.

DISCLAIMER! You, your wishes and your prayers are in control of your own destiny I really don’t want to encourage any kind of paranoia, placing a crystal for me above all is for pleasure, gives me the same pleasure as smelling a freshly baked bread or wrapping myself in a soft cashmere scarf. It’s all about the senses and appreciating life force for me.


2015-05-10 16:57:21

Inspiration Incense

Bukhoor is an evening ritual that my mother always performed at sunset with prayers. She is not a superstitious woman, she is very straightforward and practical, but this ritual is so integrated with how she grew up that the scent of the burning herbs has become a cozy scent of family and security, It is also special to me now knowing that my mothers intention is to protect us when she is going around the house with prayers and incense.


2015-05-10 16:53:52

Arabic Coffee

Our 3 signature Lip balms Cardamom, Saffron and Clove were all inspired by the aromatic Arabic coffee. The taste is something that lingers with you and we tried to recreate that with our natural cacao butter lip balms.


2015-04-16 16:59:17

Toot Juice

Toot Soda! I’ve got culture!


2015-02-12 14:28:58

The Beauty Cookie

A little intro to why it’s a great cookie!


2015-02-12 14:28:20

Let Your Skin Exhale

The skin is the largest organ, with pores that breathe in and out; it inhales and exhales with us. 


2015-02-12 10:03:33

The Butterfly Effect

A few moments of rest can increase time. Time is perception, the more we are present, the more time expands, on the other hand, the more we are unaware the more time flies and stress leads to burn out.


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2015-01-20 16:11:06

Juicy Recipes with Superfoods

Superfoods are a trendy term for new ingredients maybe marketed as super healthy, however I have tried and tested some of these ingredients and I can claim that they do leave me with better energy. I am sharing the ones I personally particularly like. 


2014-11-08 18:41:35


The Flower Mask for me is the purest cleanser, rich in plants that GIVE, in other words they don’t just perform their task by cleansing, they do more, they calm, they clean, they brighten, I feel safe with their interaction with my cells, they know how to communicate with them safely. 


2014-09-28 10:04:15

How We Stay Cool

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