Why hydrosols are more than just water.

Known as floral waters, herbal distillates, or cellular water, a hydrosol is the clear and beautifully scented product that is produced when flowers and herbs are distilled.  During the distillation process, steam moves through the plant and breaks open the structures that contain precious essential oils and other plant fluids.The essential oils rise to the top of the still, potent medicine in itself. As the steam cools and condenses, the hydrosolthat is left becomes an ultra anti-inflammatory, cooling liquid that boasts all of the benefits of essential oil, but with a higherwater content.This makes it a gentler and lighter product that can be applied straight to the skin without dilution. All hydrosols contain approximately .04% of dissolved essential oils, as well as carboxylic acids (an organic compound that aids in moisture retention).Essentially, a hydrosol is a nutrient packed drink of water for your face.

We believe that pure distilled plant waters are the ideal hydration solution for your skin. Naturally derived hydrosols awaken your complexion, quench parched skin cells, and provide a soothing dose of absorbable nutrients that were once within the plant’s leaves and petals. Our pure distilled plant waters include rose, Bahraini spring date palm, and native jujube (sider).

 Why we distill our own hydrosols

By making our own plant waters, we learn to connect with the plants we are using. We are building a deep relationship with the plants and our local environment. When making our own hydrosols, we can choose the quality of the plants that we use, often grown by ourselves or other people in our community. We also offer respect to the plants and have gratitude when we harvest, a mutual exchange of energy, which influences the potency and energy of the plant alchemy.


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Still Thirsty?

Proper hydration is crucial for optimal health and beautiful skin. We have all heard the conventional wisdom of “eight glasses of water a day”, but is this truly the optimal way to hydrate? Is the water we drink being properly absorbed? Many studies say the form and quality of our water has more impact than quantity.

Proper Hydration

 Traditional bottled and tap water has been processed and filtered to make it safe and drinkable. However, this processing can “de-structure” water, or remove the natural crystalline structure of the molecule. The water becomes unorganized, and intra-cellular communication is diminished.  The more structured a water becomes, the more potential it has for enhancing hydration, which in turn up levels cell-to-cell communication in the body. When water takes on the qualities of a gel, which is naturally crystalline, hydration is improved. Gel water does not have to look like gel.

Walking barefoot outdoors

There are many natural ways to increase properly structured water in the body. Light can activate water that is already in the body. Water has the capacity to “remember” its naturally crystalline molecular form. Your body absorbs negative electrons from the earth through the soles of your feet and this changes the chemistry of your body. Exposure to nature, walking in the sunlight, and spending time near moving water, all re-structure water within the body.

Waters memory

Adding Himalayan crystal salt to your water will re-mineralize it and restore its electrical potentials. The crystal of the salt reminds water that it’s a crystal too, water can remember! Salt’s naturally crystalline structure triggers water’s innate molecular formation.  Start with a 1/4 teaspoon of crystal salt to 1 liter of distilled water.


Stuck at the office- “Electo”- “Light”

Not all of us have the luxury of easy access to nature. City dwellers and office workers can maximize “gel hydration” in a number of ways.  Electrolytes are another way to improve the cellular charge to water. Adding lemon will increase the water’s electrolyte content. Electrolytes triggers the creation of gel water and, consequently, better hydration.


Water salad?

Gel water is found in plants naturally. Desert plants like cactus and chia contain gel-like hydration. Add chia to your water, which turns into a gel state when soaked, and absorbs up to nine times its weight in water. Collagen also contains gel water, so a daily dose of bone broth will increase hydration. High water content foods, such as melon, cucumber, and berries are also a good approach.

Certain mushrooms are also powerful hydrators. Tremella fuciformis, or white snow fungus, has uncanny ability to retain moisture. It can hold up to 500 times its own weight in water…which means intense hydration.


The proper approach involves incorporating water into your diet in a variety of ways. Instead of reaching for your usual bottled water, think high-hydration fruits and vegetables, nutrient rich bone broth, chia, and regular exposure to nature.





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Raw Honey - An Ancient Superfood

Honey is as old as history. Ancient and mysterious, the remarkable healing power of honey has long been understood.  Used by the ancients to clean and protect wounds, expedite the healing process and eliminate infection and disease, honey is still widely respected.

Unfortunately, the honey found on most grocery store shelves today bear little resemblance to the honey harvested thousands of years ago. Conventional honey is processed, blended and heated, stripping it of many of its vital nutrients. Honey that’s been ultra-filtered and no longer contains pollen, is far from the health promoting powerhouse of its raw, unpasteurized counterpart.

Raw honey – which has not been pasteurized or filtered, and ideally taken directly from the hive – is a treasure chest of nutritional value and medicinal remedies. It contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals and is a natural and powerful medicine, both internally and externally. It can assist in allergy relief, cough suppression, wound healing, and skin health.

Green Bar uses only raw unprocessed honey that keeps all its health benefits intact. We also focus on single-origin, region-centric sourcing, specifically from the Middle Eastern region.Honey reflects the time and place where it was made. Flowers blooming in a specific region and environmental conditions are all reflected in the flavor, viscosity, aromatics, and vibrant color of honey.

Yemani Sider Honey

Al Sidr trees are mentioned in the Quran, as one of the plants of Paradise. Its many earthly uses include disinfecting wounds, healing skin diseases and as an anti-inflammatory. In Yemen, Al Sidr honey is the most prized, which comes from the uncultivated in the desert areas of Yemen.

Yemeni Sumur Honey

Sumur trees grow wild in our desert climate, this tree has the best wood, and it burns the warmest in cold desert weather. In the desert a lot of dishes are cooked with this particular wood as it has the least water content.  Sumur tree honey has the least sweetness, usually advised to diabetics, and people sensitive to sweetness.

Yemeni Frankincense Honey

This clear honey tastes sweet with no particular taste of frankincense; it does a have a slight smokiness to its sweet aroma. Clear honey is not common. When the flowers are in season this thick clear honey is created. Ayurvedic medicine believes clear honey is the best for the skin.

All three types of this ancient superfood are available at Green Bar boutique, and on our online shop.


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The Magic of Pearl

The lustrous pearl has been used for centuries in the East, both as a healthful tonic and skin beautifying ingredient. Geishas, known for their breathtakingly flawless complexions, used the powder as part of their beauty rituals. The Chinese Empress Wu Zetian ingested pearl powder for strength and beauty as far back as the 7th century. Even Cleopatra was believed to use pearl powder as one of her beauty secrets. Closer to home, the pearl divers of old Bahrain would crush their pearls and apply them to their eyes, as protection from the salty water.

The topical health benefits of pearl powder are numerous. When used as a face mask, it can protect your skin against sun damage, by preventing the development of melanin. Consistent use can help reduce sun-induced blemishes, and even-out the complexion. The amino acids and vitamins present in pearls will also brighten the skin. Make a luminescent face mask of crushed pearls mixed with Green Bar’s Milky Moon Tonic, or mix with raw honey and apply to the face.

Taken as a supplement, pearl powder supports mood. In Asia, it is known as a “shen stabilizer” and can relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety, and tension. It is extremely high in both minerals and amino acids, which support bone tissue, sleep regulation, and nourishes and strengthens teeth.

Both inside and out, Green Bar’s Pearl Powder is a fabulous addition to your beauty shelf. 


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Winter Skin Essentials

The cooler, drier months of winter call for transitions in your skincare regimen. During this time of the year, our skin is vulnerable to all sorts of damage when the air outside is cold and dry. The lipid barrier that protects the skin from moisture loss is more easily compromised, which can result in irritation, dryness, and a decrease in radiance and glow. 

Conventional dry-skin moisturizers most often use petroleum, mineral oils, and silicones to preserve moisture in the skin. Petroleum and mineral oils seal off the skin, forming a barrier on top of the skin, preventing anything from getting in or out. Wherever they're applied, they form an invisible film on the surface that blocks the pores and the skin's natural respiration process.

It's easy to boost moisture in a healthy, toxin-free manner! Green Bar offers three rich body balms that provide luxurious moisture to your parched skin. Natural balms are healing, hydrating, and rich with oils, have been used for centuries to soothe the skin. Gorgeous natural fragrances combined with cold-pressed botanical oils are the perfect remedy for winter skin.

Kashmir Butter is a limited winter edition body balm, with a wonderfully rich consistency and comforting seasonal scent. White cacao butter and sweet almond oil are rich in antioxidants and healthy skin building fats. Helichrysum (also known as the Immortal or Everlasting flower) promotes healthy skin cell regeneration. Propolis beeswax and cardamom are anti-bacterial and aid in purifying the skin. This butter is solid, and melts in your hands for easy application.

Blue Green Tulsi Balm is an algae-rich balm that is incredibly nourishing for both the hands and nails. Washing our hands in the dry winter months can lead to brittle nails and chapped skin. Topical castor oil slows down the aging process, by penetrating deeply and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is super-rich in antioxidants, and is anti-bacterial. Macha (finely milled green tea leaves) helps to create the beautiful color of this balm. This lighter balm, with it’s uplifting lemongrass scent, is the perfect winter remedy.

Our velvety and luxurious Black Vanilla Balm is a beauty essential any time of the year. Our vanilla is pure, and smells delicious! The exciting benefits of vanilla in our body balm go far beyond the signature scent- containing natural antioxidants that help protect against environmental stressors. Cold pressed coconut and sweet almond oils bring deep moisture to the skin. A hint of Bitter Orange is calming and cleansing — without stripping the skin, as can some harsh over-the-counter synthetic formulas. Black Vanilla Balm can be applied anywhere for moisture, and can be placed on the wrists and behind the ear as a perfume.

All of Green Bar’s luscious body balms are 100% chemical-free, and contain 100% active ingredients. Available to purchase on our online store, or in our retail shop. Apply our balms anywhere you feel dry, as our plant-based formulas are safe for face and lips too. 


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Bone Broth For Beauty

Bone Broth for Beauty

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of beauty, but traditional bone broth is the latest method for achieving great skin! A topical skincare regimen is crucial for nourishing skin from the outside, but for a healthy dewy glow, bone broth is a must have for your skin care routine. It has even been touted as “Mother Nature’s Botox”!

Bone broth is rich in collagen. In fact, it’s one of the only foods to contain collagen. Collagen is the most important nutrient for skin elasticity. This is because collagen is the primary structural protein of your skin, and is responsible for a plump, firm, youthful appearance. When your collagen begins to break down (as it does with age and toxin exposure), signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear.

The high concentration of essential vitamins and minerals found in bone broth makes it like a ‘drinkable multivitamin’ for your skin.

At Green Bar Café, we offer this beauty elixir in the traditional Chinese way. Ginseng Chicken Broth is brewed by steam, in a sealed clay pot that is used for cooking medicinal soups. Ginseng root  is cooked into the broth, for mood boosting and “chi” balancing properties.

Available at Green Bar Café, Riyadat Mall Building 231 Road 3206، A'ali, Bahrain.


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Chocolate Thins

An immune boosting snack is a good idea for Ramadan. There are endless ways to create this recipe because there are endless variations for the toppings.


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Environmental Highlight

I think everyone who visits our site knows that I work with natural ingredients closely, and obviously natural ingredients need a clean environment! So our concern for the environment is always very strong.


The other day I overheard someone dear to me talking about Tamera Al Husseini and her work with the protection of tidal Mangroves, I was so relieved someone has dedicating so much love and time to the health of our sea, and was desperate to interview her and feature her, because we need to bring awareness to this very important subject! Clearly we are all experiencing global warming- right? Its November and no sign of winter chill or rain!


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The Anti-stress Jam

I have been obsessed with figs lately, I've let that obsession just take its course because I believe fixation leads to the best exploration!

You will find below all my research on figs, and the resulting creativity hence the Jam recipe! I like food to work for me in certain ways, I like my food to guide my brain kind of. For example if I want to relax I want to eat food that will really help me unwind, if I want to get energized I will eat food that will create that etc.

Currently I have been really interested in suppressing the cortisol hormone that gets elevated due to stress, and this jam does exactly that! 


We discussed beauty on a lovely warm Thursday afternoon with my sister Dana Al Khalifa founder of the popular fashion blog The Overdressed, we taped the discussion for you to be a part of it too! Email us your thoughts on beauty!

Photo taken on 11 June 2015 at Bahrain's the sunlit  Orangery 


I reached out to Janet Chua, because I wanted to share with all of you how crystals can be used for well being, they are part of the mineral world, very natural even “super natural”, I personally use them in place of a flower arrangement. Think of them as gentle magnets, they can be used to channel energies to bring more order and harmony where needed.

DISCLAIMER! You, your wishes and your prayers are in control of your own destiny I really don’t want to encourage any kind of paranoia, placing a crystal for me above all is for pleasure, gives me the same pleasure as smelling a freshly baked bread or wrapping myself in a soft cashmere scarf. It’s all about the senses and appreciating life force for me.


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Inspiration Incense

Bukhoor is an evening ritual that my mother always performed at sunset with prayers. She is not a superstitious woman, she is very straightforward and practical, but this ritual is so integrated with how she grew up that the scent of the burning herbs has become a cozy scent of family and security, It is also special to me now knowing that my mothers intention is to protect us when she is going around the house with prayers and incense.


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Arabic Coffee

Our 3 signature Lip balms Cardamom, Saffron and Clove were all inspired by the aromatic Arabic coffee. The taste is something that lingers with you and we tried to recreate that with our natural cacao butter lip balms.


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Toot Juice

Toot Soda! I’ve got culture!


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The Beauty Cookie

A little intro to why it’s a great cookie!


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Let Your Skin Exhale

The skin is the largest organ, with pores that breathe in and out; it inhales and exhales with us. 


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The Butterfly Effect

A few moments of rest can increase time. Time is perception, the more we are present, the more time expands, on the other hand, the more we are unaware the more time flies and stress leads to burn out.


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Juicy Recipes with Superfoods

Superfoods are a trendy term for new ingredients maybe marketed as super healthy, however I have tried and tested some of these ingredients and I can claim that they do leave me with better energy. I am sharing the ones I personally particularly like. 


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