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Juicy Recipes with Superfoods

Superfoods are a trendy term for new ingredients maybe marketed as super healthy, however I have tried and tested some of these ingredients and I can claim that they do leave me with better energy. I am sharing the ones I personally particularly like. 

Below are a few recipes for smoothies to incorporate them as a mid morning snack, for me it’s a healthy way to enjoy fresh raw ingredients, and they fill me well, so that I can have a light lunch, because of my work hours I prefer to have my energy throughout the day, big lunches for me are a no no during the week.

These will keep you hydrated so you can enjoy beautiful skin too. The spices added make these juices taste very familiar. Like dessert : )

Every morning start with pro-biotic’s, this will help clear the skin.


Carrot Cake Juice

2 inch ginger – really strengthens your immunity

1 red apple- Ancient Chinese herbals believe that apples are good for chi energy

3 carrots - betacarotene reverses effects of aging by being an anti-oxidant

Juice these then transfer to a blender, in the blender add the following ingredients:

1 tsp cinnamon  - reduces blood sugar levels

1 tsp vanilla – soothes digestion

1 tsp lemon zest – alkalizes and refreshing

1 tbl chia- cleanser and superfood

8 soaked walnuts- you can soak them from the night before, brain food!

Put the chia in the blender and let it sit 5 min in the liquid- great nutrition I have tried this in Ramadan and it works like a miracle left me with energy! Plus it’s a body cleanser!

Whizz these ingredients for a full 3 minutes you will have a great tasting smoothie! If you want it sort of nice and crunchy add the walnuts last, and pulse one time!

You will get half a mason jar : ) add a straw and enjoy! Take it to your work, or while you run errands!



My Parents Green Juice recipe

1 cucumber- hydrating

1 celery stick – cleansing and mineralizing

1 green apple- vitamin c and less calories than red apple.

3 inch ginger – immune strengthener

6 stems lettuce- minerals from the plant leaves

6 stems parsley leaves- vitamin c

6 stems coriander leaves- chelation blood cleansing

6 stems mint- great for digestion


I only listed some of the benefits of these ingredients. Juice them all in a juicer, you will get one very large glass, or 2 small glasses


Goji Berry Smoothie

A juice I tried at one lucky duck New York

1 cup frozen blueberries

½ cup soaked goji berries to soften

½ cup cashew soaked in water to soften

pinch vanilla


1 tablespoon honey

Blend in blender, and add water slowly up to one cup


Pour into your mason jar and add straw : )


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