Every Green Bar ingredient is 100% natural

Rich in history, precious oils have stood the test of time across a number of ancient cultures from around the world, from Morocco’s argan and Sudan’s sesame, to India’s coconut.
Green Bar’s oils have taken a step back into history, creatively revamping, rebottling, and minimally refining what is the natural simplicity of traditional beauty.
And there you have it. So pure, you can literally taste it, eat it, flavor with it. Naturally indulge in every way! 


We only use the finest in botanical cold-pressed oils.
All naturally based, Green bar’s oils are infused with the purest in concentrated plant essences, creating a wondrous combination of fragrance and experience.
Heat damages the subtle ingredients in precious oils, so…we never use heat.


We use the best in natural fragrances, from fruits, flowers, herbs or natural resins. Nothing is synthetic.
Our fragrances do not interfere with your commercial perfume and Its subtle elegance is harmonious to your body.
All Green Bar’s fragrances have a natural power to de-stress, calm and balance you.


Natural perfume is natural protection.
All our plant essences have natural preservatives. No artificial additions are necessary.
For Green Bar’s ingredients to remain in optimum condition, brown recycled glass bottles are used to protect the product from all the potentially damaging effects of UV rays.


Green Bar feels responsible for the environment.
Green Bar uses glass, keeping your beauty oils fresh and plastic-free. Sizes are practical and economically friendly.
Simply packaged, less to throw away. We take care.