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Plant Based Soap and All Purpose Balm with a gentle blend of Japanese cleansing herbs shiso, yuzu, hinoki wood, and bitter apricot.


The herbs of the east are explored through our “Onsen” line. This rich and silky bar soap gently cleanses, nourishes while subtly scenting the skin with a delicate natural fragrance. Follow with our Onsen Balm to leave your skin supple and radiant. This silky balm is rich with shea butter, and leaves your skin moisturized, supple, and delicately fragranced. It’s chemical-free, and can be used even as a gentle hair styling balm or make-up remover. When travelling, try it as an all-in-one balm.

An Onsen is a Japanese volcanic hot water spring. Often there is a little inn attached, where you go to find tranquil quiet time. Shoes are left at the door, and you relax in a natural hot water spring, have dinner in your kimono, and have tea facing a garden on a zen porch. We honor this rejuvenating experience with this soap and balm, helping you create your own moment of peaceful restoration.


  • Cleansing without drying
  • Gives you silky soft skin no matter your skin condition
  • Protective balm
  • Uplifting, and clean

  • See Onsen Plant Based Soap and Onsen All Puspose Balm for Ingredients and Instructions.