Oregano Oil 5ml

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A natural antibiotic


Our oregano oil is from Turkey, grown in remote mountainous regions, Turkey’s variety have the highest amount of Carvacrol in the world, carvacrol is a plant chemical which gives oregano its active immune boosting  properties. It inhibits the growth of several bacteria strains, which can be beneficial to boosting the immune system, and keeping the digestive tract clean. I personally always travel with it, and if I do come down with a flue I take a few drops with every meal, and I can attest to very speedy recoveries!

Directions: Add a drop (1 drop minimum- 6 drops maximum per serving) to olive oil dressing, or add a drop to your smoothie. Choose the best way to add it to your life. It is very strong, and naturally very powerful. It will boost the effect of the antioxidants that you mix it with.


SIDE NOTE! Its antibacterial (so don’t take it with your probiotics), and its antifungal will work to eliminate candida.