Oud Incense Cones

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Self Combusting Oud Incense Cone


With our constant use of Oud or Agarwood in the Arab world we have so much variety, scented, synthetic, cheap, expensive. To me the Oud in our culture has been abused, in the sense that it can be obnoxious and suffocating, hence things getting lost in translation- that is not the right way to show a majestic ingredient.

So I decided to strip it down to its element and enjoy the faint hint of this elegant natural wood.

So we came up with a solution, we turned the precious wood into a combustible incense cone adopting the Chinese Empire’s way of making incense.

The scent of the cone is a pure one of the wood shining through, it does not have the scent of a temple, instead it has the smell of a beautiful airy majlis on the day of Eid in the home of a very posh grandmother.


Directions: Light the top of the cone with a lighter, and place on a clay or metal dish. Keep room ventilated, don’t leave the cone unattended. You may stop the cone from burning all the way by turning it off like someone would turn of a cigarette. The cone can be used several times.

Burn time: around 15minutes of a clean Oud fragrance with no burning odour.

Box includes: 6 incense cones. Burn time of box is a little over 1 and a half hours.