Activated Quartz Toner 60ml

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Purifying native rosewater distilled in copper pots with Quartz activation.


Our rosewater is distilled straight after harvest to preserve its healing properties. The purity of this toner allows the skin to understand the energetic properties of the wise, calming rose, while licorice root aids in cell renewal for a brighter face. The hydrosols are activated with an energized quartz crystal for its ability to amplify the plant’s energies. The astringent clarifying nature of this toner also assists in soothing breakouts and acne.


Ingredients: rose (rosa damascena), licorice root hydrosol (glycyrrhiza glabra), quartz crystal, dietary sulfur MSM. Vegan.



Instructions: Spray on freshly cleansed face to tone, before applying serum or moisturizer. This product adds another layer of cleansing and assists in further activating all of our products applied to the skin.