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Green Bar’s traditional Syrian Aleppo Soap


An ancient recipe we wanted to save in Green bar. Since the beautiful Aleppo city was destroyed with human hands, all we can do is save its soap recipe, and honor the city with a product that has its name so that we can remind people of this important city.

We have been able to re-produce this precious soap with laurel berry oil which is the key ingredient, our laurel berry oil comes from Turkey, and the other traditional ingredient in this soap is olive oil, which comes from Jordan. This is literally all that's in the soap, activated by an acid to start the saponification process but using very good oils, not any old oil just because it will be a soap.

This soap is infused with frankincense, lavender, and myrrh essential oils.

This is a very potent cleansing soap physically and energetically! Use as shower gel or hand soap or guest soap! Whatever you fancy.



Use on wet skin, as you would with shower gel. (The product is very gentle and does not foam excessively)