Puer Tea Cake 200g

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Fermented Chinese Tea Cake 200g


Pu-erh Tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for generations to inhibit "internal dampness" caused by poor digestion, which in turn causes the intestines to not heat up as they should, causing low energy dampness and sluggishness, this tea is used to invigorate the activity of the spleen and stomach. Other traditional uses include the removal of toxins from the body, weight loss, improving eyesight, promoting blood circulation and reviving those who have over indulged.

I’ve personally used it and have to say it does seem to work after a big meal. It’s a dark rich tea that I have in the afternoon, it has a full bodied but mild taste, and it does help lighten me after a meal. Some people claim that it has really lowered their cholesterol.

Try making Kombucha with this tea to really reap amazing health benefits!

The tea we have sourced comes from older (around 60-80 years) tea trees, from the most famous region for puer tea, it is low in caffeine and acidity, and is a good size cake to introduce to your routine. Also, the company that makes the tea is a 280-year-old company that made tea for the emperor.

CAUTION: Due to its detoxifying properties consult with a doctor if on any medication and don’t have while pregnant as its laxative potency is really high. Also don’t drink more than 4 cups a day.

Instructions: Break a piece of the cake by hand or with a knife, measure the size of a pebble that would fit on a teaspoon put into your pot and pour boiling hot water, rinse for 30 seconds while stirring, you must pour out that tea, then pour 1 cup of boiling water again, leave for a min to 2 minutes or 3 depending how strong you like your tea. Feel free to stir the Beauty Dust into this. After I have strained this tea I like to put it in the fridge overnight to have an flavored detoxifying ice tea the next day.