The Decorated Baithana (Almond)

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Custom Gifts, A Wardrobe Scent


Clay retains scent beautifully here it is molded into an iconic embroidery motif of a decorated baithana (almond), scented with natural herbs iconic as wardrobe fresheners. Customized for the occasion of the 22nd Annual Heritage Festival give-away, with a box designed with Green Bar's interpretation of the embroidery motifs.


its a 100% botanical blend with base notes in traditional perfume using jawee (benzoin) and sandalwood, and a middle note of lavender amplified with regional spices, we brought a new and innovative top note to the fragrance profiles of the region with a bright whiff of lemongrass, Italian bergamot, and fresh green coriander seed.


Made with Bahraini clay, infused with a 100% natural resins. The baithana comes wrapped in plastic to retain the scent. The scent will last for 3 months.
Place in a closed wardrobe, for a cleansing refreshing scent.