Damascan Brocade bag

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Silk pouch for special gifting or special jewelry.


Damascan brocade is an icon of Syrian cultural heritage. The ancient city has been famous for its brocade for many centuries, ever since silk was imported from China. The harvested silk is processed in Aleppo first where it is rolled, spun, bleached dyed, and then sent to Damascus for weaving. The production of one meter of Damascan brocade takes months of work. A skilled craftsman may need a complete hour of work to produce 10cm of brocade on a 90cm wide loom. In collaboration with Yalla Habibi by Nathaly Jung we are able to bring you the brocade collection. In reverence and gratefulness to handmade master craftsmanship, and historical knowledge. Bag is made of 100% silk, with cotton lining.