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An Exclusive Desert Experience


Experience the indigenous ingredients of an oasis in your hammam. This is a purification ritual with raw unadulterated ingredients.

The procedure is to steam the skin in a hammam and then scrub in the herbal formula, then cool, and massage to moisturize with floral infused oils.

Locally harvested ingredients featured are:

Jujube also known as “sider” in Arabic, it’s a purifying leaf, can also be used internally for cleansing and calming. Its rubbed on the skin with our signature herbal water. Purists don’t believe in soap, the best way to clean is with herbal powders.

Palm water in our Moon tonic is locally distilled every spring from the bark of the date palms. Helps to cool rashes and irritated skin and restore the acid mantle of the skin.

The Hammam is currently available at Dessange.


Dessange is located in Adliya and can be contacted on 1771 3999


Hydrospa is located in Riffa and can be contacted on 1778 1500