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80g-100g Charcoal


Bamboo charcoal is produced from rapidly growing Moso species of bamboo capable of growing 60 cm or more in a day! Made from natural stems and burned in a furnace at temperatures over 1000 C the stems retain their shape while becoming pure carbon.


The resulting porous structure of tiny cavities is a simple an effective way to filter tap water, removing chlorine and other additives while improving taste and purity.


The efficiency of filtration will last for two to three months, after that the charcoal can be used in any place at home that needs deodorizing. From the fridge to the shoe cabinet to the bathroom.


During the three months that you are using it as a water filter:

To refresh charcoal boil in a pan of water for ten minutes to sterilize, remove and allow to dry. Then place the charcoal in a jug and leave overnight. This method needs to be repeated every 10 days. You will need the whole pack of charcoal bamboo for 1 liter of water.