Glazed Dilmun Diffuser

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2 part, water holder and lamp


Go back to a home that is beautifully scented with natural herbs for cleaner air, and more well being. Green bar’s diffusers are effective, safe, and oozing culture. The diffuser pots are wired like a table lamb, they switch on and off (a light bulb comes with the pot for your convenience). The diffuser is quite large and will scent a medium sized room very effectively.



The clay diffuser lamps are designed as classic pots to be reminiscent of ancient Dilmun pottery. The original shape is taken from copies found in the sacred burial mounds of Bahrain where people used to be buried for good luck, with all their belongings. These mounds now are where some Bahraini potters burn their clay. The mounds date back to 2000BC! The artwork on the pot is an original Bahraini pattern. Green Bar chose very classic shapes, but revamped the engineering! 




Turn on the light of your diffuser, place 100ml water into the little pot provided, add 10 drops of your favorite essential oils let diffuse for 3 hours to clear the air.

The water must be changed if you want to continue diffusing