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Chinese heritage beauty supplement


Pulverized fresh water pearls In Chinese medicine are used as an anti-inflammatory and detoxification tonic, and as a “shen” (spirit) relaxant to calm frayed nerves and anxiety. Pearl is also a great dietary supplement for the eyes, it is rich in amino acids to help the metabolic process, pearl divers in old Bahrain crushed the pearls and applied to eyes to help them with their eye burns from the salty ocean water. Pearl powder is also believed to help with sun spots and wrinkles, giving the skin a radiant pearly glow. The combination of Amino Acids and Calcium in the pearl powder also helps to nourish and strengthen your teeth.


Pulverized fresh water pearls (Margaritifera margaritifera)


How to use:

Turn your water a precious milky potion with a spoonful of pearl, and a dash of rosewater. Use the size of a small pearl.


Packaged by Green Bar, product of China.

Lab tested for purity.