Tahitian Vanilla Peruvian Chocolate 150g

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Quick Overview

Unsweetened healing drink


Chocolate’s flavonoids and antioxidants are more powerful than vitamin C in limiting oxidation of collagen, and its deterioration, more efficient than tea, berries, and grapes! Polyphenols in chocolate keep blood radiantly healthy which keeps everything on the surface of the skin beautiful!


The minerals, iron, copper, and nickel rich in chocolate are known to work on supple skin and healthy hair, peaceful nerves, more energy, and easier menopausal and PMS symptoms.


How to enjoy this drink: Have this drink as a tonic daily unsweetened with hot water, hot water activates the chocolates flavonoids and polyphenols. Tahitian vanilla is added to round off the Peruvian chocolate’s deep taste.


The powder still retains a bit of fat, however the cacao butter is mostly absent in the powder form, so you don’t really need to worry about the calories in this drink. Enjoy these Pacific ingredients and drink to beauty and radiant health! Don’t sweeten if you want the benefits of chocolate!


Ingredients: Organic raw Peruvian chocolate, Tahitian vanilla pod powder, Unrefined Cacao Butter (used for making your own chocolate bar, please refer to recipe on the blog)


Use one teaspoon in a cup of hot water , or use one teaspoon per shell ; )