We don’t want you to buy another beauty product that ends up on your bathroom shelf, unused. We want you to enjoy Green Bar’s gentle exhilaration. We want for Green Bar’s natural power to become a staple in your life, as it is in ours.

Our clients and friends have shared their Green Bar experiences with us; we would like to share them with you.

Hope you're having a great day...and I hope your arm is feeling better. 
Thanks again for the beautiful CAMEL ornament.  I LOVE it!   I opened the beautifully decorated box the other day and placed the camel in my little work studio (still with the plastic wrap on!) and even with the camel still in it's plastic bag, the scent in the room is amazing!!!!   I think I'll poke a hole in the plastic and ever so gradually let the camel out so that his scent will last longer.  
Thanks again A!:).   I never thought a camel could smell so good!  

Hi Green Bar,
Thank you soooooooooo much for the quick delivery, wallla love ur products thank you again

Everyone at Green Bar,
Thanks you so much, just got my delivery, I love everything I got! And I love the gift, thank you very much!... I can’t live without the face elixir since I’ve tried it, it’s really amazing.
Dania xxx

“Brilliant! In fact, it was me who tested the products. I fell in love! Such a wonderful concept and I felt that my body and minded reacted so well to it just through knowing the story behind it and the ingredients used - the sayings true, 'be kind to your skin and your skin will be kind to you'. I think Green Bar is the perfect example of that. “
Kelly Baldwin, Assistant Editor, Mojeh Magazine

“The feedback we received about Green Bar’s Apricot and Grapefruit body oil was amazing : ), well done on an excellent brand
Sonia Sultan, Director of brand partnerships Glambox Middle East

"The Green Bar Rosewater is my new discovery, I put a drop on my skin, it works wonders!"
 Rosamund Pike, British Actress

"I didn't realise there were so many varieties of rose waters, what a Green Bar treat!"
Zandra Rhodes, Fashion Designer

“I tried the facial Moroccan rosewater, flower polish and Rice Bran elixir oil on my sensitive skin and it immediately left my skin soft to the touch and within a week my sensitive red patches had calmed and my skin felt tightened and toned - it felt great using an all natural range.”
Vanessa Walker, Good Housekeeping Middle East reader

Our Green Bar Mani/Pedi is blowing our clients minds! The Lavender & Hazelnut Body Oil sold out since the first week we opened! They lovve it! So do we :)’”
Owners of Four Nail Spa & Salon, Riyadh, www.four.com.sa
“I am using the rosewater collection, so fabulous! Congratulations! I love all three of them and the scrapbook, very cool.” 
Carmen, Haid, Founder, ATELIER-MAYER.COM

“I tried the Moroccan Rosewater and having super sensitive, redness prone skin, I applied it after cleansing using a cotton disk and felt a very mild tightening of the skin. After using it this way for a few days with no adverse effects, I also chanced it as a makeup remover. Happily, it took everything off in two disks and left my skin incredibly cool. The redness on my face was noticeably reduced after using it for just 7 days and became almost cool to the touch. I’m very impressed and will be adding this to my daily skincare routine.”
Simone Gannon, Writer & Makeup artist

“The most amazing products ever! Also they're made in Bahrain.”

“I love their stuff. Face elixir is amazing.”
Zain Al-Zayani@zaiz

“Having been in the beauty business for many years and tried every product made under the sun (well almost!), I recently bought the Turkish rosewater from the Green Bar collection. It is natural, smells fantastic and just makes your skin feel so nice. I find that many products I’ve used from different brands out there are quite drying and harsh on your skin - and expensive! This Rosewater is quite the opposite, and I feel that I have finally found a product that I will stick to for many years to come, and will strongly recommend to all my friends and clients!”

Katariina Balet
Image consultant, Fashion Passion

“As an addict of Moroccan hair oil, I was a bit apprehensive to try something new. However, when a friend gave me a Green Bar gift set for Eid I tried the Botanical Protein Hair Revitalising Oil and it is now a staple in my bathroom. I massaged it into my scalp and hair and left it on overnight and the smell actually helped me sleep! The next morning my hair was so shiny and soft that I now use it once a week.”
Marcell Voges
Beauty Expert & Salon Owner, Bahrain

“On the day of Green Bar’s Rosewater launch, which was held in Sufana, I got home feeling really exhausted but was very eager to try the Face Elixir, as Reem recommended to use it that night. I couldn’t believe the instant results. My skin was so smooth and the scent was just amazing. I have been using it ever since, every morning and night and plan to stock up on this amazing face miracle.”   
Elena Mencakova
Brand Manager, SUFANA CO. WLL

“I have been using the Almond & Amber body oil for a few years now, and I feel as fresh as I did the first day of using it. It gives a great feeling after shaving as well, leaving the skin feeling great. I would recommend this product to everyone, plus it smells good!”
Khalifa - Bank Auditor

“I love Green Bar’s Face Elixir, its nourishing effects and delicious scent! Apart from day-to-day use, I always put it in my bag when I go swimming at the sports club, as it’s a wonderfully replenishing post-swim antidote to the drying-out effects of chlorine and sun. It also comes in handy when removing smudged eye makeup - when I’ve inevitably forgotten to put the cleansing pads in my bag!”
Melissa van Maasdyk, freelance writer and editor, Melissa Ink

“I was rather skeptical about using oil on my face, because my skin is slightly oily, but I have to say, Green Bar’s oils really work - regardless of your skin type. I use it every night – religiously! It penetrates and moisturizes without the oily residue that most face creams have generally left me with.”
Nichola Sanders, Editor and Freelance Writer

''My issues with frizzy hair, especially in Bahrain's humid climate, was recently solved by the Keratin treatment. I was very apprehensive about using what is a more chemically based product, but felt I didn’t have a choice, and so remained hopeful in finding a more natural solution. Then, I came across Green Bar's hair revitalizing oil. What a God send. I no longer need to use Keratin, my hair's softer and it has a more natural bounce to it. I can't recommend this product enough!'''
Rozan Ahmed, bougi founder, London/Bahrain

“I absolutely love the Almond & Amber Body Oil from Green Bar. I use it every night. It has prevented my skin from developing any stretch marks throughout my pregnancy. I love the fact that the scent is subtle. I used to use a different oil that was sold to me especially for stretch marks during pregnancy, however, I found that it left a strong smell on my clothes and gave me a headache. With Green Bar, it was the one product that I found was subtle enough to allow me to use it and relax!”
Mariam Abdulrahim, Owner of Purple Patchouli