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Coffee & Slow Living

Many ancient cultures and civilizations developed their own unique rituals and utensils for brewing their coffee. Whether it is made in the Japanese tradition, or in the Arabic tradition, they ofte...

Gua Sha at Home

Performing Gua Sha on your face with a crystal tool will not only exfoliate and tone your skin but will also stimulate your whole body through the acupressure points on your face. Learn how to use ...

Sentimental clearing and your confidence

Our sentimental items deserve more consideration than being swept away. Listen to Reem Al Khalifa and Wiebke Buelow discuss how real confidence comes from knowing what you want and what you need in...

Spring Cleaning

Can’t decide which laundry detergent is right for your family? Here is our take on a homemade laundry detergent that is chemical-free and gentle on delicates...

Do you hear the bees?

“Spring has sprung... Can you hear the bees & see the butterflies? If not, then here's how to invite them in.” Reem Al Khalifa shares with us how flowers can save the planet.

Rose Ice Tea Recipe

This caffeine-free beverage is great for replenishing electrolytes for summer hydration. Follow this simple recipe at home for a calming and cooling summer drink with affects you can really feel.

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