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Oud Incense Sticks Set

Self-combusting Oud incense stick with a leaf incense stick holder.

This majestic wood formula is completely plant based and burns without the need for charcoal. Lighting the incense is a signature ceremony on all Arabic occasions. Oud is valued equally in the Far East, where you will find many collectors of this precious wood. We have preserved the concentrated scent of the Oud that the Arabs love, in the style of the East. The wood itself is pure and elegant, with no added perfume or synthetics. Each incense holder is hand pressed with a native leaf, no two are the same. The leaves reflect different seasons of the year. You may use the one that reflects the season. They fit the circumference of our incense sticks, which burn for 10 to 15 minutes.



High-grade Cambodian Oud in a pure plant base. Includes fifteen sticks of Oud. 


Light the tip and blow it out, then place carefully into the leaf provided for it or any holder that can fit this stick size. Each stick will burn for 10 to 15 minutes if left unattended. The leaf will hold the ash, you may dust it off without washing. 


  • Delicate incense can work in small spaces 
  • Economical way to make Oud work for you 
  • Grounding and calming 
  • Easy clean up 
  • Supporting local 

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