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16.500 BD

Lip Balm Set

Made with cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils and butters.

Can’t decide on just one? We’re making it easier for you with the full set at a better price. Get the Date Seed, Island Rose and Arabic Coffee lip balms together.

If you choose to gift wrap, these postcards allow you to share the products you love with your friends and family and delight them with your personal note. 

We have a feeling that our lip balm flavours may need an introduction, so we did all that work for you, all you need to do is just think of who you want to share it with. 

If you are the receiver of the card, you will find a perforated area where you can tear the image from the envelope, you may post it in the mail to your nostalgic friends, or you may use it as a bookmark for your convenience.

5g each, 15g total

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