7.000 BD

Omani Lime Lip Balm

Light and exfoliating lip balm made from cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils

In this lip balm, we are nostalgically referencing the dried Omani Lime used in Middle Eastern cooking. We have added the fresh lime essential oil for aromatherapy and a light exfoliating effect.

Native Plant-based


Beeswax* (cera alba), shea butter* (vitellaria paradoxa), virgin jojoba oil* (simmondsia chinensis), lime oil (citrus latifolia), yuzu oil (citrus junos). *Organic


Use this lip balm in the evening when you are not exposed to sunlight. It gently exfoliates the lips, and moisturizes.


  • Lightens lips that have a darker pigmentation
  • Boosts circulation
  • Refreshing aromatherapy