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Heal Your Skin Bundle

Heal Your Skin

If your skin barrier is compromised which causes you inflamed conditions like acne, redness and unbalanced oil production, this unique blend of oils, honey, and plant butters will help heal your skin.

What does this bundle consist of?

The necessary products to heal your skin.


The Honey Cleanser
The enzymes in the honey will exfoliate, and the antimicrobial quality of the honey will purify open skin. 

Rose Quartz toner
A mist with roses that supports the skins acid mantle, and is best mixed with the
antioxidant moisturizer for a cooler sensation.

The antioxidant moisturizer
Is a preservative free moisturizing balm, it does not build up on your skin, your skin
will remain fresh and surprisingly exfoliated because the plant oils in it will manage
your oil production, purify your skin, and make it soft.
(Oil melts oil, so only oil will manage your oil, you don’t want alcohol to manage
excess oil production because that is aggressive.)

Application of this oil is very important.

Because it is preservative free (which is what sensitive skin needs) it is 100% oil based.

The correct application will support you:

Melt in your hands the smallest amount. Press it into your face (do not rub it,
because rubbing creates heat) the thinnest layer you can apply.



  • Heals the skin by healing the barrier.
  • Does not build up.
  • Leaves skin bright and soft