30.000 BD

Gua Sha Tool Set

White Jade, Smokey Quartz and Bian Stone tools.

Hand-carved from high grade, pure crystal, this exquisite tool set is designed to glide around the curves of your face and neck. Blood circulation is increased, the complexion is refined and smoothed, and a variety of acupressure points are stimulated. This technique is called “Facial Gua Sha“ it tones the muscles and firms the skin, and it’s deeply relaxing. Our tools come with a set of instructions so that you can soon find your face and neck smoother, more relaxed and radiantly youthful.


Comes with instructional cards. Note: Go to Instagram stories for video instruction. You may want to use cold by dipping it in cold water, and drying before applying to the face. Or you may want to use warm by dipping in warm water for shoulder, and neck tension. 


  • Absorbs heat to help skin recover 
  • Improves skin texture 
  • Detoxifies and decongests 
  • Relieves pain and anxiety 
  • Unblocks energy 
  • Improves circulation