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Oregano Oil

A natural antibiotic. 

Our oregano oil is from Turkey, grown in remote mountainous regions. Turkey’s variety have the highest amount of Carvacrol in the world.  

Carvacrol is a plant chemical which gives oregano its active immune boosting properties. It inhibits the growth of pathogens or overgrowth of candida which can compromise health without a “real” symptom, generally comes through as fatigue, memory loss, and low immunity 


Vegan | Nut free


Concentrated oregano oil (origanum vulgare). 


Add a drop (1 drop minimum- 6 drops maximum per serving) to a carrier oil (like olive, or black seed oil). Have it after your meals, or have it 3 to 4 times a day if you have a cold. It is very strong, and naturally very powerful.  

Caution: It will burn your skin if used undiluted. It is antibacterial, do not take it with probiotics.


  • Returns stamina 
  • Gets rid of colds 
  • Energizes